Catalyst Model

What sort of support will best help a management team to deal with the "big five"? It is a question we have asked clients repeatedly over the years. Their response has generally been that experienced senior consultants and good intellectual capital add most of the value; but often most of the bill is for a "legion of juniors".

Our operating model is built around a catalyst concept. It facilitates a great deal of activity in the core materials. Our model is just the same - we bring experienced seniors and proven intellectual capital that is designed for the purpose (i.e. not large heavy processes but thought provoking perspectives that will drive new thinking). We apply these with a minimum of other resource and aim to enliven your own organisation to carry out most of the necessary work.

Such a model has many benefits to you as a client as it gives cost effective access to external experts but ensures that all new perspectives are embedded in your own organisation, growing both the entity and capability at the same time.

A simple contrast with traditional consulting is that we have unbundled the offer and 1) enhanced the amount of senior time invested and 2) developed intellectual capital that is designed to move you forward quickly.