Success Stories

"We all know consultants who are good I was constantly challenged by a clear, analytical mind which then transferred the analysis into creative thinking and exciting solutions." ... NED HMRC

We pride ourselves on adding value to clients and being in a position where our clients feel and acknowledge this. Our own “acid test” is whether a client is happy to confirm our contribution with a quote and to refer us to others. Here are a few of the things clients have said about us and we are always happy to connect people interested in our unique approach to people who have worked with us and felt the benefit.

CEO, Niche international retailer and wholesaler
"Our work with New World was initially focused on establishing a new direction for our business strategically and this was achieved in very good time. The process was excellent and has raised our thinking across the business to a new level. We have in essence learnt a new way of doing business. The method in which NW work closely and directly on projects has been very efficient and enabled our Leadership team to develop and adapt more rapidly to our challenging business environment. Being able to work across 3 countries and have enormous confidence that the coordination of projects will happen effectively has been a huge plus for us. The overall approach has been very hands on, communication has been great and most importantly the outcomes we are achieving are helping to set us up for a bright future. I would personally recommend Simon Hall and the New World team to any business."

Chair, direct healthcare service organisation
"Working with New World is invariably stimulating and challenging. Their combination of creativity and rigour is completely refreshing and generates exceptional value. Each session has left me with fresh and actionable insight."

CEO, Leading wholesale bank
"The team left us with a clear sense of our strategic direction and a practical and implementable plan to reach our objectives"

Chairman, Leisure Products
"World-class strategy, marketing and organisational transformation skills - and nice with it too, with a rare level of concern for their clients"

Director, International Marketing Company
"One of the most skilful users of market research we have seen in action - makes the connection to strategy with great effect"

Chairman, International Bank
"The most pragmatic, value-adding piece of work I have ever bought"

Executive Director, International Stock Exchange
"The most efficient problem-solving I have seen in action"

MD, Printing company
"High speed support to focus on the key issues and get momentum – allowed us to change things on the ground, rather than on the shelf"

"I firmly believe we would not have reached this point so quickly, and that our internal changes would not have been so clear, without NW's insight..... we got lost in the mechanics rather than the real essence."

Director, HMRC
"We all know consultants who are good I was constantly challenged by a clear, analytical mind which then transferred the analysis into creative thinking and exciting solutions."

Director, HEI
"In short, this is so much more than consultancy. NW provided us with an expert sounding board, the knowledge transfer and, quite frankly, the backbone to enable us to address some very difficult issues. But most of all, it was very good value for money."

CEO, Gov Agency
"An entirely brilliant piece of work .... the Treasury loved it"

Exec Director, Gov Agency
"New World took us to a much more specific understanding of an opportunity we had been grappling with for some time, and in a matter of weeks focused us on the actions we need to take to make it a reality. Their senior-only model gave us excellent value for money and a quick result."

Director, Californian, HIE
"Our HIE is in the process of developing a new curriculum and with it a set of institutional processes for ensuring continuous improvement. New World provided our team with enormously valuable advice, in particular relating to the sharpening of objectives, progress measurement and the linking of strategic goals and operational activities. Simon Hall's long experience in strategic management consulting, his ability to quickly identify the key issues in complex situations, and his acute sensitivity to group dynamics, are a rare and valuable combination of skills. He adds tremendous value to organizations dealing with change."