Areas of Expertise

Over 25 years we have developed expertise in the range of key activities that need to be managed by a senior team to ensure success. Our founder had a vision to create IP and expertise across this spectrum to give a complete understanding and over the years has built up experience in a range of key areas that now equip us well to support leadership teams in a wide ranging manner.

Indeed, during the course of that we have seen great impact by being able to develop an effective "top slice" for each specialist area that elevates the issues to the agenda and discussion of a senior management team. We help in three main ways: 1) using our IP and experience to lead development projects, 2) Board Development, and 3) Individual executive coaching.

We have five key areas to us, which together have been responsible for providing the drive behind some £10bn of value creation for clients ranging from banks to IT to retail, and across public and charity sectors:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Transformation Leadership
  • Effective Revenue Capture
  • Organisational Design and Development
  • Corporate and Business Unit strategy