"A modest exercise with New World had much greater impact on our business than an equivalent project with a traditional consultancy with 10x the budget. Very very effective in getting us to achieve the most we can."
Commercial Director, International Business Services companies.

"You could almost call the New World model "cut to the chase consulting" – incredibly effective at cutting through complexity and getting to the heart of both issues and solutions"
CEO, International Niche Retailer and Wholesaler.

Our aim is simple: 1) to help management teams make the right directional decisions and 2) to maximise the odds of getting there successfully.

  • New World is itself a reinvention of traditional consulting – in short we are value creation catalysts.
  • We achieve a 2+2=5 effect between ourselves and our clients in an agile, interactive and economical way.
  • Our clients: 1) get faster traction, 2) feel in control and grow their capabilities, 3) have a less invasive experience, 4) have access to the right experience at the right time, 5) require far smaller budgets for external input.
  • We have achieved a +100% NPS from clients and a +80% from our open events.
  • Our clients are speaking strongly about the power of our new model across a range of sectors, private and public, and size ranges (with clients ranging for £30m to £5bn t/o).