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OCCG seniors win NHS Alliance Awards

New World continues to support the senior team at the Oxford Clinical Commissioning Group as they seek to set their vision for the future in the new world of UK healthcare. Our congratulations to Dr Stephen Richards, who recently won the NHS Alliance award for the best clinical lead in the country, and Alan Webb, who won the runner-up award for the best senior manager.

Executive Brainspace gets high praise

We are continuing to develop our executive coaching service – termed executive brainspace to reflect the difficulty people have in the modern world getting some clear space to think about key issues. One client summarise the power of having an executive coach who has strong content to assist in thinking through challenging issues ...
"Working with my New World coach is invariably stimulating and challenging. His combination of creativity and rigour is completely refreshing and generates exceptional value. Each session with him has left me with fresh and actionable insight."
....Chair, NHS Trust

Successful Strategic Development Summit

On Dec 2nd New World are hosting a day's summit meeting on the topic of "Successful Strategic Development". A select gathering of around 30 professional from commercial, public and charity sectors will be provided with some stimulus thoughts by Simon Hall, New World Founder. A major theme of the event is the new skills and toolkits needed by senior management teams in the modern fast-moving and complex world we all now inhabit. With the help of the attendees, all of whom are grappling with major change and development issues, we will be stripping the strategic development process to its bare bones and rebuilding it for the modern world.

We continue to deliver top quality strategy-to-implementation support with our senior-focused model, and recently started a content-rich coaching service for senior executives.

New market positioning and internal transformation for Ceridian

Many businesses have great capabilities on the inside, but are not great at communicating these to their markets on the outside. Our proven 'Inside Out' techniques tackle this, most recently helping HR outsourcing business Ceridian to completely redefine their market positioning and materials. A benefit of our catalyst approach is that it took 50 key people through a shared development programme that has inspired and aligned their efforts to make maximum use of their accumulated know how. We are now supporting the management team in turning these new marketing and cultural assets into strong revenue growth.

"We asked New World to help us identify and unlock the potential of the inherent and underestimated value of our company's services and to find the medium which connected with our own employees. The result, thanks to New World's ability to see the essence of value so quickly and clearly, is that we now have a proposition which our people own and understand and this is a very clear differentiator" ... Doug Sawers, CEO Ceridian UK

Executive Brainspace ... content-rich coaching support

The modern world places enormous pressures on management teams. Many clients have asked us if we could provide a sounding board for issues and ideas, and we have developed this into a content-rich coaching concept called Executive Brainspace. This differs from most coaching in that it draws on all our strategy-to-implementation expertise to help executives to define and achieve business objectives, rather than focusing only on the personal aspects of the job.

"The coaching time combined with insightful thought frameworks gives concentrated thinking space to solve many difficult challenges facing me - a day a month helps me do my job better on the other twenty days." ... Clinical Commissioning Group Snr Executive

NHS Oxfordshire: facilitative exercise leads to largest Pathfinder

"I firmly believe we would not have reached this point so quickly, or so clearly, without New World's insight.... we got lost in the mechanics rather than the real essence." ... CEO, Oxfordshire PCT

In Q4, a small New World team assisted the Oxfordshire PCT and the senior GPs to reach consensus on its directional response to the White Paper. Thought Frameworks from the Value Creation Chain created a diagnostic of the White Paper these helped to bring people together quickly.

Our view in a nutshell ...... fine directional ideas, but very few ways of implementing them successfully.... and much risk to mitigate. At the end of the day, without a material change it is hard to see how 20% more output can come from the same resources. We therefore support the government's direction, but seek to dramatically improve its "odds of success".

Oxfordshire has formed the largest Pathfinder organisation in the UK (see news release), and 200 people were recently at their launch event at Kassam Stadium. Effective joint working between the PCT and the GPC will secure this challenging journey.

Dipex : Pro-bono work helps healthcare charity

"I was very pleased ........the meeting exceeded my expectation and the part you played was crucial." Lord Stone

A short facilitative exercise for the board on strategy and direction, in the fine surroundings of the House of Lords, has helped this excellent charity to develop its thinking. If you will excuse a direct plug for them, Dipex has created a fantastic web-based service full of patient experience material. We all know people who have suffered difficult illnesses - this is a great resource for anyone (friends, family, carers & professionals) with questions such as "what is it?", "what does it mean for us?", "what will we feel like during the journey". It can be found at